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Whilst rapid developments in technology have provided a wave of new opportunity and resources for business, this change has also brought an alarming host of new threats. Specialising in the protection of systems, networks and data in cyberspace, Cyber Security now plays a critical role in the business place, as we move toward a world that is more connected to the internet than ever.

Anti Virus

The Information Security industry is still undecided as to the importance of traditional signature-based antivirus software. African Cyber believes that it is a vital necessity, provided that it is properly managed and maintained. It allows us to prevent known attacks, thereby clearing away the noise enabling us to detect unknown and targeted attacks faster and with more accuracy.

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Firewalls were previously seen to be the core of any Network Security architecture but they have now evolved into a less dominant, but still necessary element of an overall defence-in-depth strategy. Due to the additional capabilities offered by Firewalls today, organizations are better served in using them to segment the network and to control the spread of infections or potential attacks. With this design, we are able to utilize the Firewall to control the impact of an infection by only blocking the services impacted by the threat, while still allowing the unaffected services to continue: People | Process | Technology.

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Back Up

Very often the forgotten area when it comes to Information Risk, an enterprise-wide Backup Solution is every bit as important as traditional Security Controls when dealing with organisational data. The recent upswing in Ransomware attacks has accentuated this point and we are often left with no option but to restore from backup. However, unmanaged & unmonitored backup solutions are as much of a risk as not having a solution in place as they tend to instil a false sense of security. It is only when trying to restore from a failed or corrupt backup that organisations feel the pain.

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Patch Management

Most organisations tend to focus their patching efforts on Microsoft and the bad guys know this, which is why they target vulnerabilities in operating systems or third party applications that do not get the attention they deserve. Most malware types use these vulnerabilities to access systems, but hackers and hacking tools exploit them too. This leaves antivirus and other security controls hamstrung and in a reactive position, allowing re-infections to take place even after a threat has seemingly been eliminated from the environment. African Cyber can provide various tools to address this risk for either customer use or delivered 'as-a-service'.

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Phising Campagains

Phishing simulations can offer the tools to increase awareness, empower users and reduce risk. Frequent repetition of at least once every two months offers better results - changing behaviour is a process. Awareness education is important, but continuous assessment and accurate reporting of results on an historically comparative basis is most important to set the right mindset.

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Secure Clound Link

Secure Cloudlink is a Cloud Brokerage Platform that solves online security by taking a new and inherently different approach to stop the wrong people gaining access to digital systems.

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