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Meet people from different companies and backgrounds who share similar interests and goals. You can attend workshops, panel discussions, and keynote speeches to hear from thought leaders in your field and gain insights into the latest trends and developments.

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About our Conference

This is the premier cyber event in Africa. The one you simply can't afford to miss

Listed below are reasons you must attend.

Poor cyber security is increasingly affecting society today. Its impact is visible on a national, local, and personal level. With a few strokes of a keyboard, nation states, terrorist groups, stateless organizations, and rogue individuals can launch a cyber-attack from anywhere, at any time, disrupting and damaging our democracy and way of life.

The Data Protection Act 2018 ("DPA") was assented to by parliment August 2018 and is now in force. This critical piece of legislation will have huge implications on how you store, collect and protect you data. There will be huge fines for non-compliance and data breaches up to P1 million and the possibilaty of long custodial sentence.

This year’s conference will feature breakaway sessions with the speakers. You can book your spots in these sessions in advance. We will make this years’ experience highly interactive and with the latest technology on display and access world class advice

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The mission is to bring together experts, practitioners, researchers, and industry leaders in the field of cyber security to discuss and explore new trends, challenges, and opportunities that are likely to shape the future of cyber security. The conference aims to provide a platform for knowledge sharing, exchange of ideas, networking, and collaboration among participants in order to enhance their understanding of emerging threats and innovative solutions in the field of cyber security.

Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, technical sessions, and interactive workshops, the conference seeks to foster a deeper appreciation of the importance of cyber security in today's rapidly changing technological landscape, and to equip participants with the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to stay ahead of the curve and safeguard their organizations against cyber attacks.

Ultimately, the goal of the conference is to promote a culture of cyber security awareness and best practices, and to contribute to the development of a safer, more secure digital world.

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C-level executives, technology leaders, public policy makers, heads of Information Technology, risk, compliance, audit, human resource and forward thinking business owners, students and end users are expected to join us at the 7th Annual African Cyber Crime Conference in September 2023.

Our conference is designed to reflect the growing challenges that cyber security poses by not being contained within the realm of IT alone.

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Women play a crucial role in the field of cybersecurity. Despite being underrepresented, women bring unique perspectives and skill sets that are valuable to the industry.

One of the main reasons why women are important in cybersecurity is because of the growing demand for professionals in this field. As technology continues to advance, cyber threats become more sophisticated and complex. The need for cybersecurity experts has never been greater, and it's essential that we encourage more women to enter this field to ensure a diverse workforce.

Women also tend to bring different approaches to problem-solving than men do. Women may be more likely to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to cybersecurity challenges. Additionally, having a diverse team can lead to better decision-making, as team members can challenge each other's assumptions and biases.

Our Conference promotes having more women in cybersecurity to help address the gender gap in technology overall. By encouraging more women to pursue careers in cybersecurity, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and diverse tech industry.

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We have a spectacular line-up of local, regional and international speakers from the technology world, law enforcement, and risk analysts who will examine emerging critical threats in cyber security and data protection.

When it comes to addressing and ultimately combating cyber-risk, and cyber-crime, we understand that security specialists, programmers, ethical hackers have to find ways to collaborate in order to win the fight against increasingly brazen criminals.

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Meet our Internationally Acclaimed Speakers

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers, each with a unique perspective and expertise in the field of cybersecurity.

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  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
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  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • Evening Networking Cocktails

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