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It had never been more important for a company to protecty itself from the impact of Cyber Crime, as witnessed by the recent high profile companies suffering from Cyber Attackes. African Cyber offer a range of courses to help mitigate the risk cyber crime and the related finacial loss and the resulting reputational damage.

Managing Malicious Insider Threats to Information and Systems 2 days

The deliberate and malicious exploitation of company information systems and fraud by insiders can have a significant impact on a company’s profit and reputation or government’s sate secret.

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Social Media Risk Management 2 Days

Since social networking websites are very famous, hackers and spammers are also active on these websites and might use them to gather confidential information. Every company struggles with governance around social media. The speed at which social media has gained popularity has resulted in reactive corporate social media implementations, with governance being an afterthought.

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Cyber Security Essential Awareness for Business 2 Days

It makes sense that those who are out there on the front lines every day - the users who are running applications, visiting web sites, managing email, etc. - are often the determining factors in whether or not a security breach occurs on your network. Yet many organizations throw together an "acceptable use policy," hand it out to new employees, and call that a security awareness training program.

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