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Botswana Cyber Survey 2018

Arican Cyber Security has team up with Serianu Cyber Threat Intelligence Team and we are in the process of analyzing the state of cybersecurity across Botswana in the past year. We would like to get your input on various issues as outlined in this questionnaire.

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The four pillars of fighting cyber crime Threat Analysis. Understand the Enemy. Counter Measures. Defend. Threat Analysis.Threat Analysis.Threat Analysis.

Cyber attacks can occur at any company and without warning. Cyber risk defenses need to address more than just technology and system firewalls. Executive management and boards of directors need to think through the full range of cyber exposures and examine all contributing sources of cyber risk. African Cyber Security and it's partners, have the expertise and skills to provide holistic solutions for companies, institutions and governement.

Forensic Investigations

African Cyber Security conduct cyber related, financial, criminal, medical, commercial forensic investigations with the utmost discretion & confidentiality. .

Pre-Employment Screening

All screening is done by a qualified offender profiler. The tools we use identify high risk behaviour and possible threats prior to employment, significantly reducing risk.

Cyber & Security Vulnerability Assessment

African Cyber Security offer vulnerability assessments that examine the three core facets of an organization’s cyber security: People | Process | Technology.

Cyber & Security Policy Development

Our experienced analysts research the client’s environment and risk tolerance and give recommendations for each policy.

Penetration Testing

Working with world class partners, our penetration testing will help companies and organizations determine the weaknesses in their network, computer systems and applications.

IQ & Apptitude Testing

Discover your employees strenghts and weaknesses, through our battery of cutting edge apptitude tests. We also offer this service to individuals and educational establishments.

Our Product Based Solutions

Anti Virus

Our antivirus solutions are based on multiple vendor offerings, products recommended are specific to clients needs.


We recommend using Firewalls to segment the network and to control the spread of infections or potential attacks.


We offer Backup Solutions including Cloud or On-Premise solutions,these options can be bundled with management & monitoring services.

Patch Management

Africn Cyber can provide various tools to address this risk for either customer use or delivered as a service to the end user.

Phising Campaigns

We can set up phishing campaign and launch it at your staff. Those that click the links, we get a warning and can be offered specific training.

Secure Cloudlink

Secure Cloudlink uniquely combines unhackable security tokens with the latest biometric technology, with no passwords ever created, stored or transmitted.

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