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African Cyber and its Partners investigations and intelligence services are provided by skilled online investigators and forensic analysts. Starting with any available information, we look deep into any situation, threat or attacker.

Our services have been used by individuals, executives, government, corporations, private investigators and PR firms to investigate attackers or previously untraceable threats. Our Cyber Task Force utilises the latest technology and use of strategic intelligence and data contacts around the globe to uncover acts of cyber crime.

IP and Email tracing is an investigation tool we use to locate the source of any ongoing investigation. There are many reasons to track the real IP address or email sender.

It is an uncomfortable truth that every time someone logs onto a website, FTP, sends an email or submits anything online, that the servers controlling that digital action are recording everything they can about that person, their computer, IP address and much more.

IP tracking can be made tricky when a user uses Virtual Private Servers or Networks (VPS), but this can still be traced to the original IP address when they are using a proxy to cover their identity.

Our internet forensic experts can assist with IP and email tracing to assist on any ongoing investigation.

Even web-savvy attackers or adversaries have no idea what information they are leaving behind. Just by leaving a comment or setting up a website “anonymously”, using a proxy before accessing — all of these things do not mean much for anonimity.

Websites, blogs, emails, PDF’s, word documents and pretty much anything else which is accessed through a computer or is shared online can be traced back to its original source.

Our cyber forensics team utilises our own in-house forensics software to extract all information available. Following the breadcrumbs left by your adversaries, we are then able to find where it came from and most importantly, who they are.

You know you have a pre-planned and well organised defamation campaign against you when the attacks come from anonymous sources who take the time and expense to hide their identity.

Anonymous defamation can usually be traced to a competitor, upset ex-employee or a relationship gone wrong.

Our team provides 2 primary services for anonymous online hate campaigns.

These include:

  1. Locating the source of the attack, providing evidence of their actions, and if applicable, who is funding the attack;
  2. The suppression of all online content which has defamed you, your company or brand, to restore your online reputation;

Sensitive information being leaked? Clients being siphoned off to competitors? Is there someone in your company causing immense damage? If so, you have a plant in your company.

Corporate or Industrial Espionage may require more than an internet forensics and investigations team to get full results. There are many other proven ways to detect espionage inside a company.

  1. What information is being leaked;
  2. Who is responsible for the theft, damage or security breach;
  3. Who is behind the perpetrator within your company;
  4. All evidence which can be gathered and used in a court of law;

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