Measuring and Quantifying Cybersecurity Risks.

Are you struggling to measure and communicate your current cyber security risk posture in monetary terms?

The Cyber security workshop that will enable ICT, Audit, Operations and risk management professionals to provide Senior management, the Board and regulators with objective, quantifiable and observable cyber security metrics

As you might be aware, technology is transforming the modern business landscape – not only speeding innovation and productivity, but also widening the door to cyber threats. This means that every business, regardless of industry, geography, or size, is exposed to cyber risk. The stakes are escalating: the global cost of cybercrime is estimated to reach USD 3 trillion by end of 2020 – and is expected to rise with the growing use of technology and internet-connected devices.

Unfortunately, many organizations are conducting cyber risk analysis with simplistic estimation methods based on broad qualitative assumptions that are not specific or appropriate and reactive in nature. While less expensive in the short term, these methods may not tell the full story and may leave your organization uninformed about its true exposure.

ACS & Serianu Limited is pleased to invite you to a 5-day workshop that will guide you on measuring and quantifying cybersecurity risks

Key Objectives

1. Understand how to define, develop, maintain and communicate an effective risk profile and appetite statement to ExCo and Board members.

2. Discuss new holistic, risk-based, business-driven approach to measure, benchmark and track maturity of your cybersecurity program.

3. Understand how to develop cyber risk metrics that are quantifiable, observable, and objective data supporting metrics. This will involve the use of metrics to facilitate decision making and improve performance and accountability.

4. Discuss how to determine an organization’s cyber risk tolerance level using the organizations current risk investments and potential exposure or losses

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  • ICT and Information Security Professionals
  • Risk Management and Audit Officers
  • Legal and Compliance Officers
  • Legal and Compliance Officers
  • • ICT and Information Security Professionals • Risk Management and Audit Officers • Legal and Compliance Officers • Finance and Strategy Managers
    Subsequently effective combating of cyber-crime will ensure internet security for government departments, public utilities, transport operators, communications service providers and financial institutions amid a surge of cyber-attacks.