Social Media Risk Management 2 Days

Since social networking websites are very famous, hackers and spammers are also active on these websites and might use them to gather confidential information. Every company struggles with governance around social media. The speed at which social media has gained popularity has resulted in reactive corporate social media implementations, with governance being an afterthought.

It is understood that a business can’t neglect social media usage because it is a powerful tool of marketing and brand awareness, but a business should care about the protection of their assets (even a fan page is an asset and security of this fan page is important for a business).

The biggest threat is not to care about this aspect of security risk. A business has to create policies and procedures that should be the responsibility of an IT department, and for a big company a social media security policy should be the part of overall security policy.

Existing company policies do not necessarily cover the sharing of data which can be commercially confidential, price sensitive or personal in nature. Information security professionals, risk managers, internal and IT auditors, heads of compliance and data privacy specialists are all looking to identify the key opportunities and risks of social media use and gain an understanding of what policies and controls need to be implemented within the enterprise environment.

The Internet is the safe place for only those people who aware of the risk and the security, and can take steps to protect themselves, so the best solution is to learn.

Course Content

Social Media Overview

Risks of social media organisations are facing

Social Media Risk Management

Social Media Control & Governance

Formulating a written social media policy

Social Media Security

and more...

1. Chief information security officers (CISOs) and heads of information security
2. Information security managers and engineers
3. Senior internal auditors and IT auditors
4. Risk management professionals
5. Heads of IT and IT support managers
6. Data privacy managers and specialists
7. Heads of compliance, compliance managers
8. Heads of legal, general counsel and in-house legal specialists
9. Marketing and communications specialists involved with social media
10. Human resources directors and managers
1. This course deals with the most exciting issue in computing today which is social media. After describing the positive sides of social media, the course will help learners to understand, identify and mitigate security, privacy and reputational risks that exist as a result of using social media.

2. The course step by step guides and prepares learners to eventually protect their organisations from damages that may be caused. In addition, they learn what they can do in order to avoid bad things from happening while employees are using social media.

3. The course guides learners to mitigate the risks by teaching them how to create and enforce an effective enterprise governance framework for social media.

4. The objective of the course in summary will address pertinent issues of security, risk, privacy, data protection and legal issues associated with the usage of social media.