Cyber Security Essential Awareness for Business 2 Days

It makes sense that those who are out there on the front lines every day - the users who are running applications, visiting web sites, managing email, etc. - are often the determining factors in whether or not a security breach occurs on your network. Yet many organizations throw together an "acceptable use policy," hand it out to new employees, and call that a security awareness training program.

Real training goes far beyond dissemination and explanation of company policies. In this article, we'll look at why security awareness training is so important, advantages and disadvantages of developing your own program or contracting with specialists, and what a good security awareness training program should include.

African Cyber Risk Institute cyber security real awareness courses are designed to inspire and motivate behavioural changes. The course also equips those who are using technologies in various ways. The course will assist learners with the practical skills and basic knowledge of cyber Security according to the platform they are responsible for.

This course will enable participants to understand the risks associated with current emerging technologies such as mobile devices, social media, cloud computing and browsing.

Course Content

You Are the Target?

What do the hackers do with stolen information.

Foundations of Security

Potential Losses Due to Security Attacks.

Insider Threat: Understanding the Insider

Understand insider threat warning signs.


Understand how to differentiate between phishing email and legitimate email.

Social Networks Social Networks

Security Risks Involved in Social Networking Sites.

Mobile Device Attacks

Implications of lost and stolen devices.

Secure Email Communication

Email Security Threats.

Information Protection when Browsing

Understand threat vectors while browsing.

Backup and recovery

What Files to Backup and How Often?

and more...

Information security is the on-going process of exercising due care and due diligence to protect, information, and information systems, from unauthorized, access, use, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption or distribution.
This course is designed to provide computer end-users with knowledge to protect information systems and sensitive data from internal and external threats.
This workshop is designed for all employees who work with a PC & specifically for professionals working in information, technology, risks, fraud, compliance, regulatory from financial institutions to gain a comprehensive understanding on the current cyber risk regime and practical methods to combat it.